Hetty Clark is a vocalist and writes top lines. Her primary love is to collaborate with other writers and composers because she believes that it is in the shared space of two minds that heightened creativity can take place. 

Hetty Clark ’s sound is ‘haunting, dark and brimming with energy.’ (Atwood Magazine). Her hushed vocal style stirs a range of moods, from the ethereal to the earthy. She weaves intimate stories and is particularly drawn to capturing the sensual side of dark places.  

Her current collaboration is with composer Guy Jackson. Jackson has ties to film, tv and the gaming industry. He crafts beautifully layered musical compositions that are haunting and atmospheric. Their first collaboration was ‘Song for a nurse’ composed by Jackson. After reading an emotionally powerful BBC News article about the job of an NHS nurse, Guy attempted to compose a song around what the nurses job entailed. 

The pair are working on an electronic EP, the music recalls the darkly cinematic soundscapes of Massive Attack. 


Other recent collaborations was a remix by Norwegian DJ MODES of Hetty Clark and Ned Douglas’s track ‘Hiding the Truth.’ This track was released by London dance label, Perfect Havoc in 2018. The Dot And The Line also signed music to label Song & Score, with EMI as publisher. 

Hetty Clark’s freelance writing is in the cannabis and health and wellness space, she has written pieces for Miss Marijuana and Head Magazine, a countercultural magazine that has been recently relaunched.