As a freelance singer I write top lines in the genre of downtempo electronic pop music.


My current project is with London based composer Guy Jackson. Guy is known for his soundtrack Sea of Solitude published by Sony.


In Los Angeles I worked with Audio Engineer and keyboardist Ned Douglas. Ned was Dave Stewart’s sound engineer for many years and has worked with Mick Jagger, Ringo Starr, Katy Perry and more. We created music under the name The Dot And The Line.

Other recent collaborations was a remix by Norwegian DJ MODES of Hetty Clark and Ned Douglas’s track ‘Hiding the Truth.’ This track was released by London dance label, Perfect Havoc in 2018. The Dot And The Line also signed music to label Song & Score, with EMI as publisher. 

Hetty Clark’s freelance writing is in the cannabis and health and wellness space. As a blog writer I create content in the cannabis and wellness space. I am currently working with Omura. Omura is is a leader in the heat not burn space. They have been regularly featured in Forbes, Wallpaper, Thrillist and others.