Hetty Clark - Collective State

Press for Missing


“Missing is a consuming new track from Collective State, a new project born out of a love of atmospheric songwriting. A heartfelt vocal backing repeats “missing,” alongside lush synths to start, establishing a hypnotic feel. Hetty Clark ’s powerful lead emerges shortly thereafter, with both vocals overlapping to beautiful effect around the 50-second mark. The flute-like tone past the one-minute turn injects a caressing, rainy-day feel to the track. “Missing” is a laid-back gem from a very promising project, who show both a knack for gripping vocal melodies and tranquilly engaging soundscapes. The track was included in this Relax playlist from Apple Music Pop for a reason." 

Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2019’ Spotify playlist.

Relax playlist from Apple Music 

Hetty Clark & Guy Jackson - Song for a Nurse

Song for a nurse composed by Guy Jackson, sung by Hetty Clark.


After reading a emotionally powerful BBC News article about the job of an NHS nurse during the Corona virus outbreak in early 2020. Guy attempted to compose a song around what the nurses job entailed.


Harrowing stuff.